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Welcome to Covent Garden Store

We're a team of creative and make amazing site in ecommerce. We love colour pastel, highlight and simple, its make our design look so awesome.

Covent Garden Supermarket

New, modern and fresh Supermarket opened on Dockyard Drive in the English Harbor, St. Paul's Antigua; nestled just outside of the Historical Nelson's Dockyard; known to many all over the world as one of the best and most popular tourist and local attraction on the island.

We are offering our local and international clients the best in Premium Meats, Seafood, Condiments, Produce and so much more both for your everyday shopping needs and in bulk !! And it gets even better....

We the team are also in the process of launching our Online Grocery Store that will feature Fresh and User Friendly options in shopping for your groceries at the touch of a finger, giving you the most original and creative services to help you have an easier and more effective way of shopping both in store and online making every step completely about you.

Welcome to new era of Grocery Shopping in Antigua & Barbuda" For additional info on products and more please contact us at the following • Contact(s): 1-268-736-8110
•Email: info@coventgardensupermarket.com